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DLIGHT WEST LLC is the subsidiary company of DLIGHT LLC known as a leading Ukrainian supplier and manufacturer of specialized machinery for forestry and agriculture. The DLight plant is situated in Eastern Ukraine not far away from Kharkiv. DLIGHT WEST LLC has a registered office in Warsaw, Poland, with the main aim of supplement of agricultural machinery produced by DLight LLC to the European agricultural machinery market under the DL trademark.

For attention of farming enterprises and agricultural machinery sellers we offer our hydraulic tractor crane DL Agro. This loader crane is marked by unique capacity and reliability and performance in its price range and equipped with a hook for loading and unloading Big-Bags with fertilizers, seeds etc. and it can also lift the basket with various kinds of loads. Such basket is usually used for different building or repair activities as well as in warehouses.

We are proud to offer you one more item supplied to European market of agricultural machines called DL Agromaster which consists of a 10t semi-trailer and loader crane installed on it. This product is of a module type - the semi-trailer's chassis can be completed with different kinds of cargo bodies including dump bodies with ability of three sides unloading. Depending the cargo body the semi-trailer is used for such kinds of loads like Big-Bags, construction materials, bulky goods, including grain crops etc. DL Agromaster loader crane can also be equipped with a rotator and several grapples types used for loading and unloading of big variety of loads, e.g. bales, timber, bulky goods etc.

Enjoy all the advantages of DL Agromaster for competitive price!

We are opened for collaboration and keep searching for dealers on the territory of the European Union. We offer you the products and services of the highest quality. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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