DL AgroMaster Hydraulic Tractor Trailer with Crane

The DLWest Company offers you new universal modular trailer for tractor
  • Competitive price
  • Equipment warranty – 12 months
  • Attachments: Rotator, Bucket Grapple, Hay Grapple, Forest Grapple
  • For tractors with 3-point hitch

DL AgroMaster is a new model of tractor trolley with a loader crane

the tipping trailer for tractor with craneThe DL AgroMaster is the hydraulic tractor trailer (10t, 10m3) with the loader crane (1t, 5.6 m) designed by DLight LLC Company (Ukraine) for operating primarily in agriculture. The double girder reinforced frame and biaxial spring tandem FAD (Italy) increase reliability of performance the DL AgroMaster afield and in other hard conditions.

There are two options of loading platform: the Big Bag flatbed trailer or dump trailer with 3-way tipping mechanism.

the tractor trolley with craneThe DL AgroMaster was primarily designed for using in agriculture as a loading/unloading crane and transport trailer for Big Bags with seeds, fertilizers and livestock feed etc. This model is used in a wide variety of areas like agriculture, construction, reparation activities etc.

The range of crane accessories makes the DL AgroMaster indispensable at farmyard to improve loading/unloading and transporting bales, barrels, logs and the bulk materials.

DL AgroMaster is manufactured in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2015 with use of high quality constructional steel of category S355 (EB 10219), hydraulic components from world brands.

All the elements made from metal have powder coating that is performed on manufacturing line in Italy. Warranty period is 12 month since placed in service by authorized service center. All cargo information and necessary technical documents are applied to a shipping package.

DL AgroMaster specifications

DL AgroMaster specifications

Trailer weight, kg2000
Trailer max. loading capacity, kg10000
Loading bed, m310
Wiring12 V
Frame profile, mm200х100х6
Tandem axleFAD (Italy)
Wheel hub6 holes
Tire size400/60-15,5
Brake system on 1st axlepneumatic
Road lights+
Dump trailer 3 side unloading+
Drawbar 500 mm from ground, ringØ50 mm
Wiring 24 Voptional
Flatbed traileroptional
Brake system hydraulicoptional
Crane weight, kg1200
Max. Horizontal Reach, m5.65
Max. Reach lifting capacity, kg1000
Min. Reach lifting capacity, kg1750
Max. Vertical Lift, m8.30
Slewing angle, degree160
Outrigger hydraulic, pcs2
Tractor hydraulic flow, L/min40
Working pressure, bar180
Control valve, 8 sections Akon (Turkey)RM-168
Check valve, pcs8
Caution signal button+
Hook and Fork Grapple with rotator+
Max. lifting moment, kN/m40
Tech Drawings

Tech Drawings

tractor trailer schemetractor trolley schemetractor trolley design

DL Agromaster with Tajfun DOT 50ZK loader-crane

Tractor crane 8,6 m (mechanical control) with grapple GO 22.

Tajfun DOT 50ZK specifications
Net Lifting Torque, kNm50
Gross lifting torque, kNm68
Slewing angle350॰
Pump capacity (recommended 300-350 min-1), l/min40
Pump capacity (Max. 540 min-1), l/min65
Working pressure, bar230
Max. reach, mm8600
Net slewing torque, kNm19
Telescopic boom length, mm3200
Crane without underframe and control, kg1100
Underframe, kg450
Grapple with rotator (GO 22 standard equipment), kg135
Grapple with rotator (GO-026X optional equipment), kg194
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