DL Agro Hydraulic Tractor Crane

The DLight West Company offers you new attachable equipment for tractors
  • European quality
  • Equipment warranty – 12 months
  • Availability of spare parts at our warehouse
  • For tractors with 3-point hitch

Purpose of this Loader Crane

Tractor Loader Crane DL AgroDL Agro Hydraulic Crane for the Tractor is designed by DLight LLC Company (Ukraine) for operating primarily in agriculture. The DL Agro (1,3 t/5.5m) is the loader crane for tractors with 3-point hitch. It’s designed to operate in farming for loading and unloading of Big-Bag packs (with seeds, fertilizers, pallets of hay and straw, barrels etc.) afield and in warehouses as well. It also can be used for construction and repair activities. The DL Agro Crane increases efficiency of any tractor and trailer used at a farmyard.

Features of the DL Agro Hydraulic Tractor Crane

The most important points of this tractor crane are:
Hydraulic Tractor Crane DL Agro– Hydraulic outriggers and inclinometer assure stability of different surfaces.
– Hydro locks, caution signal, danger labels and signs in according with safety requirements.
– Fluoroplast coated adjustable handles of the control valve. So you can operate the crane in easy and safety way.
– Easy attachment to 3-point hitch.
– Can load and unload any type of trailers, seeders etc.
– Fuel economy because of rotated boom (in comparison with frontal loaders).
– Competitive price.

Use of the DL Agro tractor loader crane is suitable for such tractor brands as JOHN DEERE, CASE, CLAAS, NEWHOLLAND, BELARUS, KhTP, etc. (hydraulic system of tractor categories 1.4, 2) with 3-point hitches and it is highly efficient when coupled with the 4-6 tones trailer. Therefore the DL Agro tractor crane can work perfectly well within a self-loading trailer system. The DL Agro boom consists of 3 parts, the 2nd one is telescopic and the last section is hand-adjusted for working space enlargement.

DL Agro specifications

DL Agro specifications

Max. horizontal reach, m5,5
Max. reach lifting capacity, kg1300
Min. reach lifting capacity, kg2000
Max. vertical reach, m6,5
Slewing angle, degrees160
Crane weight without working liquids, kg1100
Linkage system category 2, 3, type3 points
Outrigger, typehydraulic
Drawbar-eye to attach a trailer, type4-6 tones, ~10 m3
Max. oil flow, l/min40
Max. working pressure, bar160
Control valve, 5 sections, typeAKON AMV-505
Check valve, pcs.6
Caution signal at operator post, typebutton
Inclinometer, typebubble
Dimensions in transport conditions, hxwxl, mm3130 х 1900 х 1580
Pick-up mechanism, typehook
Hang-up basketoptional
Oil tank, typetractor`s oil tank
Max. lifting moment, kNm40
Load-lifting Diagram

Load-lifting Diagram


Finally we note DLight West Company provides a full service package for the DL Agro customers:

– inspection and repair during the warranty period and after the warranty period, if necessary on the territory of the client;
– urgent departure of service staff in case of emergency;
– constant spare parts and components availability for this model of crane.

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